Are you planning your wedding? Great, then you've come to the right place.
I am your photographer, whether in Mainz, Frankfurt, Tuscany or Prevence!

As a wedding photographer, I am more than just a companion on a special day. I embody passion, creativity and reliability and combine these qualities to create a unique experience for my couples. My art is to capture moments that tell magical stories and capture the essence of love.

From the very beginning, I build a trusting relationship with my couples. It's your day and I'll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. My professionalism is evident in the fact that I take care of every detail. From the planning to the completion of the wedding celebration. I am an assistant, a friend who acts in the background and makes sure that everything runs smoothly without ever being intrusive.

Most things in life are moments of joy and lifelong embarrassment. Photography is a moment of embarrassment and lifelong joy.

 -  Tony Benn  -

I always try to find a fresh perspective and constantly on the search for new ideas, destinations and inspiration.

I love to photograph people, moments and emotions and document what I see in my own creative and sensitive way. Hence I have a passion for wedding photography, and also keen on report style photo shooting when it comes to travel, concerts, business or family events.

Now its time to tell you unique Story.

I am looking forward to see you.

Your Roman

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The photographer Mario Cohen once said: "A picture gives us the feeling of holding the whole world in our hands. Photos are documents of the moment, of life, of history." I share this philosophy and would like to pursue this approach with my experience, skills and knowledge. Good, emotionally appealing and coherent images convey feelings, moods and moments even years later. Are you planning a wedding? I am your photographer in Mainz, Frankfurt and the entire region.

My creativity is reflected in the unique compositions and moments.

I capture the emotion of your unique day, with every single image telling a story.

As a wedding photographer, I bring the attention to detail, the passion for my work, and the ability to capture authentic moments. I am an attentive companion in search of beauty in every corner and conjure up memories that will last a lifetime.


For me, nothing is set, nothing is planned. Most of it just happens as it happens in the moment. You enjoy the time together and I am there as a silent observer.

Photography is essentially life illuminated.

-Sam Abell-

There is something that a photograph must contain: the humanity of the moment.

-Robert Frank-

"What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Wiesbaden Vintage Luxury Wedding natürlich

Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Artist.

Regional, national or international, I am many things and yet this one on your special day.

It starts with getting to know you and your preferences well.

I have in-depth conversations with you to understand your personalities, your relationship and your vision for their wedding. In this way, I gain deep insights that allow me to tell your unique stories.

Throughout the wedding day, I am always present, but inconspicuous. I capture the moments and emotions authentically, without disturbing the intimacy of the moments. This allows you to enjoy the whole day to the fullest, while I act discreetly in the background and create the most beautiful memories for you.

"I don't photograph how it looks, but rather how it feels."

Am schnellsten findet Ihr über das Kontaktformular zu mir. Bei konkreten Themen oder Anfragen dürft Ihr mich natürch auch sehr gerne Anrufen.

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